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GAT runs an annual Qirat competitions, the Competition establishes to encourage youth to compete against each other in the categories of Hifz, Naazira, and Qira'at. The purpose of the Competition is to build and strengthen the relationship between Qur'an and the youth.
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We think we alone cannot change the world. We need your help, not just with money but with physical participation.
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Eye Cataract and House Building Project

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Assalamu alaikum. Bangladesh is a developing country, 90% of the population lives in rural areas with minimum facilities. Blindness is a huge burden nationally. About 80% of the curable blindness is due to cataract, of them 75% lives in rural areas

Winter and House Building Appeal

We are approaching 2021. Winter is severe this year.
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We need to help those who are struggling and vulnerable. We got to make sure they are eating well and coping up with winter. Help them all stay warm!
For many people around the world, the

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